Monday, January 19, 2009

Poetry Smurf

January 3, 2009
Holden Nature Trail - Holden, ME
Bernie, InsaneGuy and Agent S. braved the chilly day (24 degrees!) to go letterboxing in the snowy woods! Some recently planted letterboxes awaited (ok so I had gone with OnTheCorner to plant them, but since I didn't stamp in that day I couldn't count it yet, and that needed to be corrected! And I made the InsaneGuy decipher the clues, which he liked a lot better than the stamping part of this adventure. Here we are at the first box, "Poetry Smurf." That was when I realized I only had green ink - poor smurf is having an identity crisis!! By the time we finished stamping, Bernie and I had frozen fingers and paws, so we decided not to stamp anymore that day - but we did continue on the hike and point out where all the other boxes were hiding.Kiosk 9 tells about life in a dead log
Just past Kiosk 9, InsaneGuy points out a letterbox in a dead log.
Bernie finds the "Joy to the World" letterbox hidden inside the dead log
Requisite picture of InsaneGuy pretending to push over leaning tree. There is another smurf letterbox hiding in the roots (at least there should be, I think the snow was hiding him)
Following our hike we stopped by the playground. Bernie liked the slide best, but I prefer swings and InsaneGuy is of course monkeying around! =P

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