Monday, June 30, 2008

Bernie is off on yet another adventure!!

I'm heading to Ohio to visit mama ducky and family.

I hear I will be going on a Canadian adventure with them!! Oh boy, I can't wait!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bernie heads to North Carolina!

May 2008

I headed down to New Bern, NC to visit with 4GC. I'm really looking forward to visiting with them :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bernie heads to South Carolina!

I arrived at the farm to visit TalleyValleyFarmClan in SC in Mid March! I'm the first Boxing Buddy they've hosted :)

They took me to the Another Crappie Day in Greenwood event, I got lots of exchanges and boxes :)

Here I am meeting Erin the Irish Bear!

Sean took me on the fire truck with him...that was fun!!

I certainly had a lot of fun at this event!!

Before heading home, TalleyValleyFarmClan told me that we were going to the Trail's End "event" and possibly meet the Great Green One!! They told me that he'd been thru-hiking the Florida Trail and would be finishing it while I was visiting them and we were going to celebrate with him :)

Well, lo and behold, I got an exchange not only with the Great Green One but with Amanda from Seattle too!!! How cool is that??

First stop...Connecticut!!

I went to CT to visit Kris Ray and Kids in November 2007.

They took me to fnd some boxes. We had a lot of fun while I was there.

Meet Bernie!

My name is Bernie and I'm a cute little puppy :)

I went letterboxing with my family last year and loved it :) I had so much fun hunting for boxes!

We live in a small town and my family has found most of the local boxes, so they gave me the opportunity to travel to other parts of the USA and maybe someday I'll get to visit another country as a Boxing Buddy :)

I love meeting new people, finding letterboxes and even postals.

Although this blog was created long after I became a Boxing Buddy, I will post where I've been up until now at least :)